Operations - Purchasing

"No profit without professional purchasing." Professional purchasing is a key factor for ensuring the profitability of a company. Depending on the position in the value chain, up to 80% of costs are influenced by the procurement department. It is important to create efficient purchasing structures, both in the internal organization as well as in the management with suppliers. Both aspects are important to increase value adding an gain saving potentials. We support you with services:

  • Process-oriented design of the purchasing organization
  • Potential analysis in purchasing - Portfolio purchasing strategy
  • Supplier management and supplier certification
  • Purchasing process optimization, optimization of procurement logistics
  • Balanced Scorecard in purchasing / Purchasing controlling
  • eSourcing strategy and implementation of selected tools
  • Integration of purchasing activities into product development
  • Procurement market research and make-or-buy
  • Supplier Performance Program and supplier management
  • Conceptual competitions to use know-how of procurement markets
  • Tenders, online auctions, RFI, RFQ

    Supplier Integration

    The integration of suppliers creates new challenges to a purchasing departement, especially producing companies as well as retail businesses. The focus is on ensuring supplies, increasing logistics performance and minimizing total cost-of-ownership (TCO). Three central issues are relevant:

    1. "Strategy-fit": Supplier selection and supplier structure,
    2. "Process-fit": Concepts of cooperation and evaluation,
    3. "Performance-fit": Supplier controlling and development.

    We assist you in adapting your supplier structure, improving the supplier performance and implementing concepts to ensure the supplier performance.

  • Supplier portfolio / supplier base
  • Supplier development programs / supplier performance
  • Supplier strengthening (upgrading)
  • Product and process audits at suppliers
  • Supplier days
  • Supplier controlling / monitoring instruments
  • Supplier portals (web portals)
  • Supplier workshops

  • Strategy R&D SupplyChain Purchasing Production Distribution

    Impulses for change in an organization can be various: New business models, new markets, innovations, mergers, other competitors, crises or changes in general conditions, etc. A regular review of the own positioning in the market or the functions in an organization prevent from radical adjustments, or such, which are too late. It is one central approach to align organizations to the according business processes.

    Competitive costs and prices, excellent quality, high delivery service levels, low working capital and high productivity are typical targets of optimization projects along value chains. "Operational Excellence" is a key in order to compete in international markets. Operations Management can be used as a general term for production, logistics, services and supply chain management.

    Digital change is not a short-term trend, but the path to a new industrial age. The economy and society are faced with a profound change, comparable to the first industrial revolution. This is accompanied by other mega-trends such as electromobility, climate change or the energy demand.

    Enovis offers a purchasing tool, which allows your company to support selected strategic purchasing processes and activities. The platform is web-based. It is not necessary to install a software for a user. The solution is made available to the users at his workplace via a secure internet connection.


    Reverse auctions can be ssen as a successful concept of the early digitization of purchasing processes. Auctions in purchasing create new markets, increase transparency in pricing and objectivize purchasing decisions. But also in the context of classic bidding procedures auction platforms are indispensable.


    The main expertise and know-how are operations, organization and digitization. In the field of operations, specifically in purchasing, logistics and supply chain management (SCM). In the field of organization in process optimization and organizational development. In the area of digitization, these core competencies are linked to the design of new digital processes and structures for innovative business models.
    Performance and goal-oriented project management completes the profile of Enovis as a reliable realization partner.